Review of HTML5 Step by Step by Faithe Wempen

by sjledet on April 18, 2011

This book is just not what I’m looking for to use in our hands-on training workshops. I did want something that was based on straight text editing (notepad is used as the editor in the books exercises) as opposed to Dreamweaver.

I found this book to be a bit of a disappointment. It  doesn’t include enough HTML5 specific information to be very useful to people who already know a little HTML. As a general introduction to HTML for complete beginners, it does better. The exercises are good, but the tone is fairly condescending, in my opinion.

I think the HTML5 name in the title is more of a marketing decision, as opposed to an actual determination when originally writing. It does somewhat read like a book that was created for previous HTML versions and updated to try to incorporate enough HTML5 to be able to honestly use the term in the title. Canvas, for example, is the last tag covered. Mediaquery isn’t covered at all. 3 out of the 17 chapters are HTML5 centric (Div Based Layouts, Incorporating Sound and Video, and perhaps the Including Javascript that gets into Canvas).

The chapter on Expression Web seems rather tacked on. The one chapter on it comprises a whole 4th section of the book, and it only covers the most rudimentary aspects (create a link, insert a graphic, format some text). Leaving it out wouldn’t have detracted from the book in my opinion,and putting it in just seems a little bit like shilling.


  • Printed copy includes digital edition
  • Includes exercise fies
  • Content is very organized and summarized

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