by sjledet on June 6, 2011

I’ve recently become a lot more involved on Twitter. Followers are up significantly and now that the initial learning hurdle is cleared, I’m thinking this is going to be both fun and professionally rewarding.

So first things, first.

Here’s my recommended path for those who want to take the plunge.

Now, start using a professional social networking tool to monitor your facebook news. I started out with TweetDeck, which was recently purchased by Twitter, and still use it the most, although if I was starting again today, I’d probably go with HootSuite. Both make it possible to schedule updates so you can plan your tweets in advance but still stay active. These tools are not Twitter-only. They make it easy to update your Facebook page, LinkedIn status, Twitter feeds and more, as well as manage your lists of followers and people you are following.

Once you select the best twitter client for you, begin organizing and tagging people you follow. I never follow someone now without organizing them into a priority and category. Getting the most out of twitter definitely requires organization.

Other useful twitter tools and sites:

  • Anonymous

    I like twitter also. I joined a long time ago and then let it drop, but recently started tweeting again. I also like using tweetdeck if I’m in a rush.

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