Final Cut Pro X – Where do you weigh in?

by sjledet on June 26, 2011

So FInal Cut Pro X is out and the uproar is dramatic. The infamous New York Times review, Pogue’s response from Apple engineer’s, and finally his mia culpa, the product’s not ready, seems to capture much of the mood.

I’ve not heard of any broadcasters switching. Have you? If you define professional as someone who makes their living using the tool though, there will undoubtedly be a lot of users who create video for web and youtube using the product to make money, and I am confident my firm will make some money training them.

I do wonder how the major broadcasters like CNN, PBS, and others who have standardized on FCP are going to react though. It seems doubtful they’ll do massive retraining for this product, and sticking with FCP seems difficult too as what will they do when they need new seats? Also, a production environment where some editors are using FCP 7 and some FCP X just doesn’t seem all that feasible.

It will really be interesting to see how this pans out. I’d love to hear in the comments section from organization’s who are willing to share their plans though.

  • Stephanie

    Oh… I believe this was a REALLY bad move on Apple’s part. Especially now that Avid’s become more financially accessible and Premiere has gotten way cooler (After Effects was always cool). I’m very disappointed in Apple for this

  • After investing in a MacBookPro and FCP7, I’m ready to through my computer in the pool. I miss two monitors and my PC. I switched because of FCP7 and now my videos can’t be imported to FCP X? 

    Where do you teach your classes?

    • We teach Apple Pro apps in Atlanta, Chicago and San Diego or onsite. We also have centers in Denver and DC but Apple is sort of strict about geographical protection so we don’t offer FCP in those two cities.

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