Getting Started with Google+ – Part 2

by sjledet on July 11, 2011

Once you have some basic circle structure in place, you are going to want to start populating them. Since Google+ is so new and your circle of total friends is much larger than the subset of that circle that is already on Google+, I found a combination of adding “A listers” (people who contribute a lot to the Google+ community and are widely followed) and personal contacts was best for me.

Google+ uses Gmail contacts as a starting point to suggest possible friends. If you go to the Find and Invite tab you will see the people from your Gmail contacts list who already have Google+ profiles as well as those you can add who currently aren’t on Google+.

I created a circle called “People I might know” and dragged everyone into that. I’ve found some interesting reconnections that way as many people I hadn’t heard from in a while added me into a circle when they were notified that I had added them. Unfortunately, Google does prevent you from adding more than 5000 people total so this wouldn’t work for someone with a lot of contacts.

There’s some discussion within the community as to whether the Twitter convention of following back is appropriate. I personally think the “social handshake” is a human nature thing, and will probably pick up on Google just as it has on Twitter despite those who are trying to prevent it. It just turns on people too much to see the list of people who have added them.

Since circles are so easy to work with, why not spread the love while you can? Your incoming stream basically duplicates the functionality of this “People who have added me” circle without needing any updating, so you lose nothing if you choose not to do as I did.

One other reason not to is for image purposes. If you are concerned about the number of people listed on your “In your circles” section on your profile, however, you can edit that so that just the circles you want appear there.

I come down on the side of spreading the circle love, even if some think I follow too many people. Comments on this policy are welcome.

Now, here’s a list of my “Big Names in Tech” circle:

Name Google+ Profile
Adam D’Angelo
Andrew Mason
Andy Rubin
Andy Sack
Andy Baio
Anil Dash
Arianna Huffington
Auren Hoffman
Avi Bryant
Avner Ronen
Barney Pell
Bijan Sabet
Bill Gurley
Bill Gross
Biz Stone
BJ Fogg
Blake Ross
Brad Abrams
Brad Fitzpatrick
Brad Templeton
Bradley Horowitz
Bram Cohen
Brendan Eich
Brian Solis
Brooke Hammerling
Cali Lewis
Chad Hurley
Charlene Li
Chris DiBona
Chris Messina
Chris Sacca
Craig Newmark
Dan Farber
Danny Sullivan
Dare Obasanjo
Dave McClure
Dave Morin
David Sacks
David Hornik
Del Harvey
Dick Hardt
Dion Almaer
Don MacAskill
Doug Rowan
erick schonfeld
Esther Dyson
Evan Doll
Evan Williams
Fred Davis
Fred Wilson
Gary Burd
George Zachary
Gina Bianchini
Gina Trapani
Greg Pass
Guy Kawasaki
Jack Holt
Jason Pontin
Jason Fried
Jeff Sandquist
Jeff Clavier
Jeff Huber
Jeffrey Dachis
Jeremiah Owyang
Jeremy Toeman
Jeremy Stoppelman
Jerry Michalski
Jim Louderback
Joe Hewitt
John Markoff
John Engates
John Hagel
John Doerr
John Porcaro
John Battelle
John Borthwick
John Gruber
John Lilly
John Perry
John Resig
Joichi Ito
Jonathan Abrams
Jonathan Zittrain
Joseph Smarr
Joshua Schachter
JP Rangaswami
Kara Swisher
Katie Jacobs Stanton
Ken Fisher
Kevin Werbach
Kevin Marks
Kevin Rose
Larry Hryb
Larry Page
Lars Rasmussen
Lawrence Lessig
Leila Janah
Leo Laporte
Lili Cheng
Lisa Stone
Loic Le Meur
Lutz Roeder
Lynn Fox
Macon Phillips
Marc Benioff
Marc Andreessen
Marc Canter
Marissa Mayer
Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Atwood
Mark Cuban
Mark Pincus
Marshall Kirkpatrick
Matt Cutts
Matt Mullenweg
Max Levchin
MG Siegler
Michael Jones
michael arrington
Michael Dell
Michael Gartenberg
Miguel de Icaza
Mike McCue
Mike Grehan
Mitch Kapor
nova spivack
Om Malik
Omar Shahine
Oren Michels
Pablo Fernicola
Paul Kedrosky
Paul Saffo
Paul Berry
Paul Buchheit
Pete Cashmore
Peter Rojas
Phil McKinney
Pierre Omidyar
Rahul Sood
Raph Koster
Rashmi Sinha
Raven Zachary
Reid Hoffman
Rich Hickey
Robert Scoble
Ross Mayfield
Ryan Block
Ryan Sarver
Scott Hanselman
Sean Alexander
Sergey Brin
Seth Godin
Shawn Fanning
Steve Gillmor
Steve Rubel
Steven Levy
Stewart Butterfield
Stewart Alsop
Susie Wee
Tariq Krim
Tim Bajarin
Tim O’Reilly
Tom Werner
Tom Conrad
Tony Chor
Vic Gundotra
Zee M Kane

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