Apple Watch Review

by sjledet on May 17, 2015

Tomorrow, I will have had my Apple Watch for 1 week. I bought the stainless steel one with the Mesh band.

To get to the point, I’m a fan. I like the watch and am happy that I bought it.

I’ve been asked about killer apps. That’s not really a great question. It’s not onw of those things you “need”, it’s one of those things you want. Like a Tesla.

When I bought my Tesla, I found that as I owned it, my happiness with it increased over time. That’s what seems to be happening with my Apple Watch. I never used to be into cars. Now I take my car to race tracks and buy books on how to drive on tracks more effectively. Similarly, I never was into watches. Never wanted a Rolex or other expensive watch. Now I’m looking at $45,000 watch videos and thinking “Wow. That’s cool. I see how the mega rich could spend so much. Maybe I should ask Lynda if she’d help me become a billionaire too.”

The Apple Watch can do some things your phone can’t, and some things your phone can do, the watch can do better. Obviously it’s better for health and fitness. No way I’ll ever use my Fitbit again. I gave it away. Fitbit might be a little better for the fitness fanatic, but for me. the Apple watch replaces that device completely.

And unlike the Fitbit, it’s entirely conceivable that the Apple Watch is going to enable fairly ground breaking things like asking me if I want to call 911 if it thinks I’m having a heart attack.

Apple Watch is more though. It’s a combination of a phone and a fitness measurer plus something extra. What is that something extra? I guess the best way to describe it is as a “2 way wearable button/alter system”. It’s actually not that easy to explain. It’s a new way of interacting with the world that feels different from using your phone. It makes it possible to interact with the digital world instantly. The boundary between wanting something and executing on that desire are shortened. The boundary between wanting to know something is happening and actually being interrupted, is similarly blurred

When you are wearing an Apple Watch, you are wearing a programmable input/outpuy accessories that lets you either “do things” or “respond to things” at any time, without even thinking about it and with less annoyance to those around you. Sure a phone is pretty convenient, but not as convenient. The difference between almost good enough and good enough is subtle, but profound.

With a phone you have to think more. It’s not as spontaneous and a phone certainly a good bit more intrusive. People will sometimes ask you to turn your phone off. No one ever asks you to turn your watch off.

Getting your phone out, finding the right app, etc. means you won’t actually do that when it’s more convenient to just do it some other way. The watch is sometimes that other way.

With the watch, it’s like it’s a part of you. I find myself texting more frequently when “I’m on my way” for example. Raise the watch. Hit the friend button. Tap the screen. Done. I wouldn’t get my phone out and type you a text. But I will raise my wrist and press three things. (two if you are my current favorite).

Minor, yes. Trivial? Possibly. But still, it changes the way I interact with you and makes me more engaged and more engaging.

What’s a little more profound is that the Apple watch enables this for more than just letting you know exactly when I left my house. I can use my “button” to do any thing at any time. I foresee pressing my watch when I want to order another drink, summon a nurse, or check in to my flight. I could use a phone to do those things, sure. But I probably wouldn’t. Can’t say the same about the watch. With the watch, I might. It’s just that convenient.

In essence, the watch is to the phone what the phone is to the computer. It’s not like you couldn’t do almost anything you do with your phone with your computer. You could. It just would require a higher investment of time and energy. Similarly, you could probably do much of what you can with an Apple Watch with your phone. If you want to invest a little more time and energy.

I also think this will be a hit because Apple has done a lot of things right with this launch. They produce a fairly high end offering that makes selling the mid-range easier. Like most of you, I thought at first, how ridiculous. $17,000 for a watch? Really? But it got me looking at high-end watches and I found a really cool one that I’d love to have, if only it wasn’t $45,000. Apple accomplished it’s objective. It made $700 look fairly cheap.

Then, it made it infinitely personalizable. The second Apple Watch purchase I made after buying a couple of more charger cables was an adapter that let me use any watch band. I never would have even thought of buying additional watch bands before. No freaking way I would have bought a watch and then actually spent my time looking at band options. How the F did Apple make me give a S about what watch band I have on? That’s pretty amazing.

In any case, that’s a little about why I’m impressed with my Apple Watch.

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